In a World becoming more competitive every day, we are and will remain faced with both commercial and financial risks.

By acting differently and earlier you can increase your power compared to your competition. Every event has a probability of happening in private life and in professional life. If the purpose of making an investment or conducting any business is to create added value and make profit, then associated risks must be eliminated; otherwise, it would be no different from gambling.

We are supplying Risk Management and Hedging Advisory to Companies and Individuals.

Combining Risk Management, Derivative Products,Trading expertise and a deep knowledge in Physical Commodity markets, we are well equipped to determine the right private Hedging strategies to serve the specific needs of our Customers. Our experience and our independence allow us to serve our Customers in a competitive, efficient and transparent manner.

International Trade Advisory

In addition to the Risk management Solutions, thanks to our experience accumulated since 1995 we are providing Trading Consulting to Companies and Individuals. This includes Commericial, Logistics and Transportation procedures within the framework INCOTERMS rules.

Works on project basis

Our services are not related to long term consulting only, but also for short or mid term project needing Risk Management analysis, suggestions, implementation and the follow-up. It is obvious that in some cases, like construction or industry startups, some Hedging tools may be required.


Suggesting and implementing Hedging requires serious knowledge and experience, but we do train the Corporate Employees or Individuals in the basics of the Hedging mechanism for their long term needs and understanding.