Our Team

Our Team is led by Fabrizio Casaretto who is an expert in International Trade and Derivative markets since 1995.

After completing his Econometrics graduation in France, he worked in Paris in one of the largest insurance company, Groupama Assistance. Moving to Istanbul-Turkey, he joined a World giant Cargill for Agricultural Commodity Trading, meantime he improved himself and became specialized in Derivative Markets and Hedging mechanisms. In 2003 he has been transferred to the Energy sector in order to trade Fossil Fuels. Afterwards he became a co-founder of Turkey's first privately owned Portfolio Management Company. Meantime he started to provide Consulting on Risk Management to Trading Companies. He also supported a Law firm to build strong files in its Derivative Markets cases. In 2010 he returned to the Fossil Fuels markets by representing the Italian Trading Company Saif S.p.A. Today, together with his Trading business, he is providing Risk Management Consulting in Trading and Finance to Individuals and Companies and working on giving a lesson at a University in this matter.

He has a book titled "Hedging - Risk Management Practices With Derivative Instruments"

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